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Beeping can be caused by improper installation of memory. Please consult our Installation Guide and go through the installation process again to make sure memory is seated firmly in your memory sockets.
Veteke Memory guarantees the rated speeds of any memory to be obtainable only in the kit it is sold in. If you are adding an additional set of memory, the rated timings may not work due to the extra stress on the memory controller. Therefore, you will need to relax the timings and/or frequencies in order to get 2 sets of memory to work. Another option you may need to do is increase the dram voltages or reducing the CPU multiplier.

Generally mixing two memory sets of memory should be fine. However your system will probably only run as fast as the slowest rated kit will allow you… In order to keep your memory running in Dual/Triple Channel, please position the memory so that each channel is running an equal load. For example, if your Asus P6T-Deluxe has 6 slots and you have 3 x 1GB DDR3-1066 and 3 x 2GB of DDR3-1333. You would run the DDR3-1333 on slots 1, 3, 5 and the DDR3-1066 on slots 2,4,6. Your can consult your motherboard manual on the proper orientation and socket placement.

Please proceed to our support section and fill out an RMA form. Once we receive form, we will send you instructions on how to return the item safely so we can process a replacement.