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DDR stands for Double Data Rate, derived from SDR RAM or Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Access Memory technology.

The DDR memory type, in turn, is an SDR upgrade because it transfers twice as much data per clock, twice as fast, while the SDR takes a few seconds to respond to CPU commands.

Therefore, it should be noted that the biggest advantage of technology involving DDR acronyms is the time interval or cycles determined to access an address and write the data correctly.



Energy Saving – your battery thanks you; Compared to hard drives, SSD consumes considerably less power.

High Quality Data Transmission and Recording – its functionality represents a new choice given the current trend of cloud storage.

Flexibility – Another interesting possibility is the combination of HD and SSD. Integrating both technologies into your notebook, for example, helps to circumvent space scarcity. A commonly adopted solution is for SSD to store the operating system and software while the hard drive is up to videos, music and photos.

Quick and Practical Installation – This advantage is excellent even for those who do not master the computer or software world. SSD is a device that does not require as much knowledge for effective installation. You need to connect it to the machine, and if you don’t want to abandon your old hard drive, you can still replace it with a DVD drive, and use an SSD adapter, a customization strategy you are also looking for.

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